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Top 5 free online image optimizer

If you are getting into the blogging industry, then you must know the value of optimization for your blog. And image plays a key role in it, especially if images are a central part of your blog content strategy.

Why do we need to optimize images? If images and title are properly formatted relevant to the content, then the image has a chance at showing up for a related image search in search engines. And you'll get more visitors.
It plays a key role in loading speed of your site. And, if your site takes much time, you'll may have to compromise with user experience. Which means, if your visitors don't have speed network, they may avoid visiting your site.
If you're using a hosting service for your blog (like WordPress), your server may have trouble with loading an image.

If you want your site to load at a reasonable speed for your visitors, you'll need to optimize your images.

So, here is a question. How To Optimize/Compress An Image For Free ?

Here are top 5 free on…

How To Start A Blog For Free, With blogger (Blogspot)

Hello friends, if you are thinking about starting your own blog for free (Free is best option for new bloggers), you are at right place. Blogger is the best option in the free category, You will only need to spend for a domain name (which is not mandatory).

Which platform is best? It could be your first question which came to your mind. You might have got many answers, and the most common answer is "Wordpress", but we are here to start a blog for free. You can read our comparison of WordPress and blogger here.

In our opinion, people don't come to your site because of look and design. They come to you because of your content. So, if you are new, and planing to start your blog, you should concentrate on your content instead of design and functions.
Here are basic steps to start a blog 1. Select Your Topic
2. Pick a domain name
3  Setup Your blog

1. Select Your Topic: This is the most important step. You must determine the goal of your blog. If you’re already part of an org…

How To Get Free Images For Blog And Website ?

A picture can make the look of your blog, website or social media feed great. A picture can tell the whole story of your blog, that's why all top bloggers (New bloggers too) utilize picture to grab attention of their viewers and effectively convey their message in wide range.

Many top bloggers and websites uses paid image repository. In that case, they have paid for the rights to use the picture. Their rights and responsibilities are clear, no attribution is required.

If you are new in blogging industry and have decided choose the free Option (why wouldn't you?) - it can be quite a confusing option for you, like, How to get free images for your blog? Am I allowed to use the Image! What attribution is required, if required. In that case, You should know the copyright categories.

Here's a overview of the three main copyright categories:

Public Domain: The copyright for the images under this category has expired and these are free for personal or commercial use. Some sites are…

How To Clear Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos To Increase The Storage

Are you using products of google like Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos? Then you might be aware that google provides 15GB of free storage with each google account and this storage is shared across platforms. Once you reach the limit, you won't be able to store more items, Gmail will return the emails to the senders (means, you won't be able to get an email).

If you think that the storage is not enough for your needs, you can increase the storage by purchasing. But, if you think that it is enough - you should start managing it, now.

The steps below will help you to manage. Simply find the files that take up the most Google storage space, then delete the data you no longer need.

1. Check Your Current Storage Status
To check how much space you are using and have left you will need to login to your Google account, go to on your device.There, you'll be able to see how much storage you are using on Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Phot… vs Blogger ( Blogspot ) - Which one is better free blogging platform ?

If you are new in blogging business or you are planning for starting a blog you might have asked yourself that which blogging platform is best? But the second question is which one is the cheapest? This is an article I am not going to favor any blogging platform, this is based on personal experience of me and many fellow bloggers.

Okay, If you have asked people that "where to start a blog?", Wordpress is the most popular and default suggestion by the people. You should know that- Wordpress comes with two versions Hosted ( and self-hosted ( If you'll start your blog with self-hosted (, you'll have to buy a domain and then a hosting which may double your expenses.

Lets come to the main topic, free blogging platform. and are the most popular choice of blogger if we say FREE. Both are self-hosted service. Lets know, which one is best. Till 2016, people had doubts on the future of blogger because they w…

Best Web Hosting Service Providers for Wordpress, joomla & drupal

If you are thinking about setting up a Wordpress, Joomla & Drupal blog web host plays key role. It is playing big roll behind many successful blog and websites. A best hosting service can improve your SEO, traffic & sales.

If you are thinking that How to Choose the Best Hosting? There are various different types of WordPress hosting options available such as Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Free and managed WordPress hosting( If you are planing for Wordpress ).

In this article, we also have listed the best WordPress hosting companies to make it easy for you to choose the best WordPress hosting for your website.

1. Blue Host
It is one of the oldest web hosting service provider, started in 1996. It's largest brand name for WordPress hosting Cause They are an official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider. It offers linux hosting, windows hosting, wordpress hosting, vps hosting, dedicated servers and cloudsites. Currently blue host is powering over 2 million websites worldwide ( Ac…

5 Indian Web Hosting Service Providers For Your Website

Web host plays key role if you thinking about serious internet business. It is playing big roll behind many successful blogs and websites. A best hosting service can improve your SEO, traffic & sales. And you won't have to worry about managing your servers.

There are many web hosting service providers. You may also read about Best Web Hosting Providers for Wordpress, joomla & drupal. But this list includes leading indian  webhosting service providers.

Note :This list does not includes web hosting service providers from other countries who are providing web hosting services for India.
1. Hostingraja is one of the leading in Web hosting service provider in India. If also provides domain name registration service. It was founded in 2005 by Dhanasekar Mani as web development company which was providing services for Wordpress, Drupal & Joomla. In 2006, They established hosting services and Domain name registration firm called HostingRaja. Currently compan…

7 Best Platforms To Start Blogging Now

Are you thinking about starting a blog ? and you are confused, which platform should you choose ! Don't worry you are not alone. It's really a tough decision to select a platform ( Thinking about starting a blog is itself a tough decision ). This article will help you, to make your decision easier.  .

7 Platforms To Start Blogging Now & Wordpress.orgBlogger( Blogspot )SquarespaceJoomlaWixGhostWeebly 1. & Wordpress is default and most popular choice of bloggers. Wordpress comes in two version Hosted ( ) or self-hosted ( ). is free and you will get a sub-domain( ), you don't have to think about hosting. If you want to get more features like custom domain name, additional storage, and other premium services, you'll have to pay for this.
Cons of You cannot run advertisements ( Google Adsense, Amazon etc )  on your blog. And if…